The Day I Had Unlearn What I Had Learned

This is going to an interesting blog post to tell you all the truth and it all goes back to when I got back to personal training back in 2011. I got a job working at LA Fitness as a personal trainer after vouching never to go back to a big box gym, I had no choice, fitness, health, wellness, personal training, and helping people become better versions of themselves is just who I am and this “job” is my calling.

After working there for a few years I became acquaintances with another trainer that teaches personal trainers to become amazing trainers so that they can service their clients to the very best of there ability by teaching them the science behind exercise science. This man’s name was Peter Chiasson and he was once one of my many mentor’s and teachers. This course was for about 3 months and one weekend each month.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, it’s because by the end of the very first weekend with everything that I learned on that first weekend (after having my mind blown away) I went back to work completely lost, dazed, and confused. Client’s would ask me “What are doing today?” My answer would be “I don’t know.” I go into this in further detail on my podcast The Fitness Oracle, so I won’t go into this any more. What I am going to get into is what we have been talking about all week and that’s “isolation” and “muscle confusion”

Now in this course we this course we really went into the terms personal trainers use like cardio, and so many other terms that I cover with F & F weeks. For now isolation, as we have discussed over this whole week is one of those terms that I have gotten into so many arguments with other trainers, some of whom I still consider friends.

Placing someone on a seated preacher curl to do preacher curls is not an isolated movement. You are still using many different muscle groups and joints to keep you in one piece, again there is more of this in my podcast. So, without anymore regurgitation just head on over and take a listen.

Basically, the human body is so integrated that you cannot, even if you tried to isolate anything or part of it. PERIOD!

Now, for muscle confusion…I will cover this monster tomorrow on my massive rant as this one really irks me. Until then.

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