The BIGGEST Question Surrounding Mindset and Weight Loss…Answered!

Over the past 12 years of me doing this as a professional personal trainer, I have seen the same thing over and over again, those that get it done and those that don’t. The difference. The difference is that those that get the results that they are looking for have the proper mindset right from the beginning.

You are probably thinking:

“What does mindset have anything to do with losing weight?”

Well…everything. If you believe that you are going to succeed, if you can see it, breathe it, feel it, then you are crush your goals. If on the other hand you don’t, or go at it half assed well then you are going to fall, and fall hard. So, when I train people the very firs thing that I train people on is there mindset.

I don’t go through a week long course that I put them through before we start lifting weights, I do it as a part of them working out. I do it in a way that the client doesn’t really realize that we are working on their mindset, I do it in conjunction while they are doing the squats and dumbbell curls.

One “trick” that I use is I get to know them personally so I know how to talk to them and help them not only get a better body but help them with their problems in life without crossing the line to become a psychologist. It’s not an easy thing to do but after 12 years of practice it is almost second nature.

Another “trick” that I use is I give them “homework” to do and I’m not talking about equations and essays, or going for walks and crunches (OK maybe walks with their spouse of partner) and tell them to talk to them. I mean really talk to them as they are walking, you’d be surprised at what can happen with these walks and talks can do for a relationship. Try it and see.

In the 7 Day King Blueprint I have these and so much more that I have packed in just 7 days. Like I have said over, and over again these are tricks I have used on my clients and yes on myself on a daily basis that has been able to mend relationships to getting people out of some really bad places in their lives. All you have to do is click on this link and start your journey and the price? It’s free.