OK I know you are really sic and tired of me talking about fasting and cleanses as this month has been an intense month and I hope that you have a better understanding on what to do when you decide that this “spring cleaning” is the thing for you to do. Today I am going to quickly recap what we talked about here on medium.com

  • Sunday I introduced what we were going to talk about over this week
  • Monday was the official blogpost that launched this topic over at our home Vio Fitness
  • Tuesday I talked about how to plan out your workout schedule while you are starting out on the intermittent fast
  • Wednesday I debunked 3 of the biggest misconceptions and most common questions that I get about intermittent fasting and exercising
  • Thursday I talked about my current situation and how I am currently faring with intermittent fasting and my work outs
  • Friday (yesterday) I went off on the fact that this is a “new” fad diet…really!!! If you haven’t read it please go and do so and see why this annoys me

So, that is what we talked about this week, and don’t worry this will the end of it as next week we are going to dive into why how personal trainers use the term “Function” annoys me in ways that you can’t even imagine.

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