This is going to a HOT and STEAMY week!!!

I have decided to to break this down into two different categories this week, as last week it worked very well for me as I can spread my thoughts more evenly and I can get more of my knowledge out there more efficiently.

Over on The Fitness Oracle we are going to be talking about function as it applies to exercise and I will be debunking this term. Here on medium, we are going to be talking about how function applies to the joints and muscles. I will do my best NOT to make this an anatomy essay, so forgive me if I get way too technical.

Here is what to expect this week on medium:

  • Monday I go into 2 myths and misconnections that have greatly influenced the personal training world, isolation and muscle confusion
  • Tuesday I am going to talk about how to fully understand the difference of what a trainer is telling you and what they really mean
  • Wednesday I answer the ONE BIG question that surrounds both isolation and muscle confusion
  • Thursday I go back and talk about the day that this all became clear to me and the ah-ha moment that I had
  • Friday I am going to rant, as usual, about both isolation and muscle confusion, and
  • Saturday I am going to wrap this week and the month up, tie in a nice little bow and forget it all happened.

This week I am going to be a little passionate about this topic of function as I have so many heated debates with other trainers concerning this topic and I hope that by the end of the week you will have a better understanding of why I get so heated about this topic.

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