A Not So Throwback on Intermittent Fasting & Exercise

OK this is something that I have kind of not done in a while, a throwback Thursday so it is time to get back on track. So this week we are talking about my current situation as I am doing the intermittent fast and still working out (yesterday to be exact).

What is exactly is going on with me?

Well, as I have said over the past, I have been doing this for years so it is almost becoming “normal” for me to be using the intermittent fast on a weekly basis, but it’s hard.

This basically means that I have to shcedule my workouts accordingly. This is what yesterday looked like for me:

First meal was at noon

I had no “cardio” scheduled and since I did a kettlebell workout which was at 7.30 PM, also threw in a martial arts (virtual session) before hand.

Please look at what I did. I ate first then worked out, I am just getting back to intermittent fasting and it is very hard for me workout while on the fast, this will probably change next week.

My mood?


I am feeling a huge amount of energy and right after my morning routine I am getting some real clarity throughout the day. I still “feel” hungry but I am downing large amounts of water, 2 liters by 3 PM.

Well there is a snapshot of what was my yesterday. I can’t say this enough, even though I have been doing this for years I still need to start off slow when it comes to this fast as it can play some weird psychological tricks on you, so it’s good to start it off nice and easy.

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