All week this week we have been going into in depth about the term function. As you probably know by now I don’t like how it is being used currently by the mainstream. Especially with the two terms that I have associated with function which are isolation and muscle confusion.

Now this is going to be a very interesting blog post as I kind of answered this yesterday with “What trainers say vs what we mean” blog post. So, I will try not to regurgitate yesterday’s blog post.

Functional training, as I have been talking about all week on The…

This is going to a HOT and STEAMY week!!!

I have decided to to break this down into two different categories this week, as last week it worked very well for me as I can spread my thoughts more evenly and I can get more of my knowledge out there…

OK I know you are really sic and tired of me talking about fasting and cleanses as this month has been an intense month and I hope that you have a better understanding on what to do when you decide that this “spring cleaning” is the thing for you to…

John Katsavos

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