3 Questions Surrounding Intermittent Fasting & Exercise

Over the past couple of years there have been so many questions that have popped up now that I have started intermittent fasting and has completely turned EVERYTHING that I have known about bodybuilding, weight loss, and living a healthy lifestyle right on it’s head.

While the list of questions are enormous, I have (in this blog) answered the 3 most commonly asked questions that I get over and over again.

#3. Will I be able to lift more because I haven’t eaten anything?

Yes. Just because you skipped a couple of meals doesn’t mean that your strength is going to suffer. You already have the energy stored in your fat cells that you are going to be able to utilize to lift, push, pull or carry. And believe me that when you sit down on that bench pick up that weight your body won’t even know the difference. Besides, all you do when exercising is destroy your body, and when you are home chilling that is when you grow.

#2. Won’t not having food in your system limit my recovery speed?

No. The speed at which you recover is based off of so many different factors, and yes while not eating anything might not put in any new nutrients into your body you still have stored a huge amount nutrients for this purpose and you will see that it will stich over and start to access this stored energy, as it was meant to be used.

And the NUMBER #1 Question that I have heard:

Will I pass out if I go too hard?

Well…if you had a full meal and you go too hard in the gym, or push too much for a run, won’t you pass out anyways? I can’t even count the amount times that I have done a heavy deadlift and almost passed out at the end of the set. So, you don’t have to worry too much about this one and just go at your normal rate (whatever it is) and stop making excuses.

Well there you have it, the three top questions I get on a consistent basis whenever I tell people about them getting into intermittent fasting.

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